Saturday, 7 December 2013

80/10/10 Doug Graham On Cooked Foods

80/10/10 Doug Graham On Cooked Foods.

All the more proof this guy has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to diet. For someone who has wrote a book called Grain Damage, he looks as if he is making it up as he is going along.

Grains and starches aren't my favorite foods either, but he could have at least came up with decent reasons for avoiding these foods such as the celiac/gluten aspect or that many are intolerant to these foods.

Yet he comes away with very poor reasons such as lack of vitamin C or that some add oils/fats to these starchy foods. Not all cooked starch rich foods are grains either, there are the starchy root vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes and even peas for example. These are perfectly healthy foods for the majority, infact they contain more nutrition pound for pound than most of the fruits that Doug Graham recommends to eat so much of. Banana's, watermelon and such are typically low nutrient foods, certainly not foods you would want to base your diet around.

Basically what he is saying is that we should only eat sweet foods such as fruit, nothing savory. His advice is to starve yourself and keep missing meals until fruit is appealing again. Which is terrible advice overall for health and more likely to make someone reach for a quick fix junk food. Sounds like hes got a raging sweet tooth from the way he talks about needing to keep coming back to sweet foods. Many individuals do perfectly fine without needing to consume excessive amounts of simple sugars.

Whilst eating fruit is healthy for most within a balanced diet, basing your diet around only one food group i.e fruit in this case is one of the worst things you can do for health. I have no doubt that Doug Graham eats more than he lets on. For example he believes that we can get our Vitamin B12 from breathing the air, if he is indeed just eating fruits and vegetables, he would be getting no dietary Vitamin B12 intake.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pushing Past Exhaustion

Pushing past the point of exhaustion is one of the worst habits you can do for health. Many individuals are living in a sympathetic dominant state, which means that they are over-using the sympathetic branch of the nervous system, known as the fight or flight system.

These people just keep going and whilst it might seem like they have an endless supply of energy, deep down they are very burned out and nutritionally depleted.

Dr Lawrence Wilson who is an expert in nutritional balancing states those with sympathetic dominance are -

Tired, but usually somewhat out of touch with the fatigue and exhaustion.  They often feel tired only when they slow down.  The reason for this is that the body is often in a “second wind” mode of living much of the time.  If they relax, they often feel like going to sleep.  This is disturbing for them, so they get up and go again, putting themselves back in a sympathetic nervous mode.

I can relate to this point very well, i personally didn't actually notice the symptoms of exhaustion and burnout until it was too far too late. I would constantly use sympathetic stimulants to keep me from feeling fatigued such as cigarettes, caffeine, high sugar junk foods, alcohol, drugs and even emotions such as anger and fighting.

When i eventually realized that i had pushed my body majorly past the point of exhaustion and it was the root cause of my chronic health issues such as adrenal fatigue, depression, digestive problems, hormonal issues, severe anxiety/panic attacks and so on, i made attempts to slow my body down and to rest more. As you can imagine this was a major change in lifestyle for someone who had been living in a sympathetic dominant state there whole life, just slowing down caused alot of detox of toxic metals and re-balancing in itself.

Instead of pushing past the point of exhaustion i began to have regular naps and periods of rest. The knock on effect to my health was massive, i couldn't believe i had been living in that wired but tired state for so long.

One of the best tools for switching off the sympathetic nervous system is through meditation.Nothing i have done for my health has rivaled the benefits i have received from practicing meditation regularly. Infact i would go as far as saying that meditation has changed my life Another great method for shutting off the sympathetic nervous system is with deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing much like meditation, activates the para-sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, thus restoring balance.

Without a balanced autonomic nervous system, recovery and healing will always be an uphill battle. The para-sympathetic branch is known as the rest and digest system, it is anabolic and aids cellular regeneration. Living in a sympathetic dominant state doesn't only cause burnout, it prevents detoxification, elimination of harmful toxins, impairs the digestive process and causes a catabolic state of break down.

Autonomic nervous system imbalances such as sympathetic dominance are very common due to our highly stimulative 21st century lifestyles and as Dr Wilson states copper toxicity and zinc deficiency usually always plays a role in this disorder.  Most individuals are prescribed anti-depressant medication to cover the symptoms, but they do not treat the root causes of this condition.

Anyone who suffers from adrenal fatigue, autonomic nervous system imbalances, bio-chemical toxic mineral imbalances such as those involving copper and zinc would do well to check out Dr.Wilson and nutritional balancing science in general.